Grow Your Small Business: Take Advantage of Social Media with These 5 Steps

Marketing, one of the pillars of business, has just been reinvented. Business nowadays has taken a stride in using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites as a medium for business marketing. This is one platform that business owners should take advantage of. Social media has been rising and it is not going anywhere. If you are a business owner who wants to take over your competition, then follow these easy steps in using social media as a marketing tool.

1. Identify, but do not limit yourself, the right social media

There are several sites in the Internet that can market your business. You are free to choose from any of these sites. However, to become more effective, it is best to use one that has a bigger share of your target market and a site that you are comfortable using. If you are comfortable posting daily, then Facebook and Twitter are great choices.

2. Create an attractive website

Creating Attractive Quotes The EASY way!

Creating Attractive Quotes The EASY way!

3. Manage your site properly

This is one of the most difficult tasks to do especially if you are not gaining anything no matter how hard you try. Post articles or related topics to your site regularly. Allow people to interact with you and other site visitors. Create forums or a comments section. Never be afraid to ask for feedback. Positive feedbacks will help increase your reputation and negative feedbacks help you improve.

4. Give out free coupons or hold contests

Freebies are always welcomed by people. Holding out games with prizes is also trending in several social media sites. Doing this will attract more people. It will also make people wait for your next contest and share this information to their friends, helping you gain more customers.

You and your family will benefit from these savings.

You and your family will benefit from these savings.

5. Study and research what you need to improve

Being new in using social media, it is a must that you should also do your part in studying this marketing method. Again, never limit yourself to one platform. Check other sites and see how you will be able to duplicate what you have done to your main site to other sites. Social media is a fast-paced platform so be aware of updates and changes.

Using social media as a marketing strategy for your small business is a good decision from your part. Millions of people around the world are already tune in to social media sites. Grow your business by following these steps. You can certainly take advantage of inexpensive and effective social networking sites if you do it right.

5 Things That Can Kill Your Credit

Now that you have acquired your free FICO credit report and entitled to request for two more from each of the three major reporting agencies every year, you now have the advantage of being more in charge of your personal financial situation. This way, you will be able to determine your credit score from the information stated on the report.

But the purpose of requesting for it will go down the drain if you still could not get a good hold of your credit. Good thing there are indicators that will assess your “credit health” as of the moment.

1. Paying late

Bills that have been paid 30-120 days late could easily kill your credit. Paying your bills soon after the due date is less likely to hurt your credit. Waiting longer isn’t a good idea as this will bring a lot of damage to your credit.

2. Account that has gone to collections

If you have an account that has been considered as a bad debt, most of the time this will hurt your credit. There are instances when you’ve left behind an old utility bill after moving out, yet you have forgotten all about it since you were never asked to pay it. Now that you have found it, you have to weigh your options. If it isn’t yours, then you can just have it removed from your report. If it is, ask yourself if you can afford it.

Correcting errors on only one credit report

Correcting errors on only one credit report

3. Financial difficulties

This is one factor that can greatly affect your credit be it judgments, liens or bankruptcies. Someone else might be using and destroying your financial identity or has attached you on someone else’s debt without permission, so it’s best to check on your credit report for a notation. When this happens, always scan the public records section to double check.

4. Closed accounts

If you’ve got active accounts you closed or accounts you never opened for too long, it should show in your credit report. Once you’ve got your report, always verify that you have closed them on the right dates so that you could still have enough time to contact the issuer for any anomalies. If you have not opened an account in the first place, the more you have to notify your issuer as this may be an indication of identity theft.

5. Inquiries

Inquiries tell you who else has been checking your credit report. They come in two kinds – the hard and the soft. The hard inquiries are when you have actually requested for a new credit and asked a lender to update your status. These inquiries tend to slightly hurt your credit. On the other hand, soft inquiries are when you pull your own credit report. They hardly affect your credit score.

Credit card cut into pieces

Credit card cut into pieces

Be in charge of your credit health. It does not always hurt to be cautious of your actions and to check on your score once in a while.

Ways to Relieve Stress At Work, Made Easy in 5 Exercises

The most stressful place a person could experience would be in the office. Yes, work as may all know is a stressful place to start with. Though, there would be a good stress, this will motivate you and makes you stronger. And too much stress is bad, it can be fatal.

Due to high demands on your job, feeling a little tense would be normal, too much will be bad. Learning on how to relieve stress at work, can help your mind to be calmed, focused, and relaxed. Choosing different kind of techniques and approach would help you manage your stress or take more physical approach through mini workouts and stretches.

Managing anxiety levels can help prevent burnout and other stress related problems, the following are the five easiest way to lighten up your load:

1. Practice Muscle Relaxation

It is strongly advice to consult a doctor before doing this exercise especially if you have previous history of muscle spasm, back problems, or other serious injuries that may aggravate by tensing muscles.

To start with this exercise you need to recline a chair or lie on the floor, loosen any tight clothing. Rest your hands in your lap.

      • Take a few slow breaths.

      • Forehead – start squeezing the muscle in your forehead, holding for 15 seconds. Feel the muscles becoming tighter and tenser. Then, slowly release the tension while counting for 30 seconds. Continue to release tension by doing this again until it feels completely relaxed. Breathe slowly and evenly.

      • Neck and Shoulder – increase the tension by raising your shoulder up towards your ears and hold for 15 seconds. Then release while counting 30 seconds.

        How to Do Neck Exercises With Dumbells

        How to Do Neck Exercises With Dumbells

Arms and hands – draw both hands into fists, then pull it into your chest and hold for 15 seconds, while squeezing as tight as you can. Then, slowly release while counting 30 seconds.

      • Buttocks – increase tension over 15 seconds. Then, slowly release for 30 seconds.

      • Legs – focused on your quadriceps and calves for 15 seconds. Squeeze the muscles as hard as you can. Then, release for 30 seconds.

      • Feet – Tighten the muscle on your feet and toes as hard as you can. Then, released for 30 seconds

2. Take more breaks from work

If you have a total of 1 hour break in a day at work, you can divide it. A five minute break will help. You could walk outside and use the stairs as well. This will help you reduce stress and exercise as well.

3. Breathing Meditation

Deep breathing is the simplest way, yet powerful relaxation technique. Full focus is needed, and all you need is a few minutes and a place to stretch.

4. Fixed your environment

Make adjustments on lighting, temperature, noise level and other factors that are controllable.

The best and easiest exercises before bed for neck shoulder pain

The best and easiest exercises before bed for neck shoulder pain

5. Be with optimistic People

Don’t be with negative people; they will pull you down to their level. Work with positive attitude instead.

This would be more effective if you maintain a positive outlook and commitment. Many of the techniques can be practiced while doing other things.

5 Great First Date Ideas That Will Give You A Second Date

A lot of guys settle for dinner plus a movie during the first date. There’s nothing wrong with this particular strategy. It’s tried and tested. It’s also easy. Although it’s a good first date idea, it’s already overused. You don’t want to be like all the guys out there. You want to be different. Here are 5 first date ideas that will ensure you a second date:

1. Try a new cuisine

One excellent way to build a connection with your date is to try something different. If you’re planning to take her to a restaurant, don’t go for the usual. Look for something unique. If you find an ethnic cuisine that the two of you haven’t tried, consider having dinner there. Your date will love the new experience. The two of you might even find a new favorite dish in the menu.

2. Bowling

Bowling is a great idea for your first date. There’s a casual vibe that keeps the two of you comfortable. You can even have beer while getting to know each other. The bowling complex is a nice environment so you are sure that your date will be relaxed. When she’s comfortable, she’s going to enjoy your date. And if she enjoys it, you’ll easily have a second date.

Get your skates on! The best places to go ice skating this winter

Get your skates on! The best places to go ice skating this winter

3. Go ice skating

Ice skating is fun. It’s a great date for any woman out there. If she’s the adventurous and active type, she’ll enjoy ice skating. In case she doesn’t know how, you’ll be able to teach her. As a bonus, you’ll be holding her hand to ensure she stays on her feet. It’s a great way to get to know one another better.

4. Theatre

There’s nothing wrong with a regular movie house, but it’s definitely better to go to a theatre. It’s classier and it’s more original. You can also talk during intermission, which is almost impossible when you watch a movie. This kind of date is appropriate for any kind of woman, but it’s best for those who love art.

Also, if you want to reach people, theatre is not always the best way to do it.

Also, if you want to reach people, theatre is not always the best way to do it.

5. Hiking

Before you go hiking, make sure to ask your date if she likes the idea. An outdoor enthusiast will love to go hiking with you. Someone who is high maintenance won’t enjoy hiking. But if the girl is someone you met at the beach or a bar, hiking is a perfect first-date idea.

You have to admit that the first date can be nerve-wracking. But it’s nothing like the second date. You have to make sure that the first meeting goes well so you can get a second one. Plan the date carefully and make sure that your chosen strategy suits the kind of girl you are going to meet. Remember that not all first-date ideas work on every lady. So choose carefully and you will be guaranteed a second date before the day ends.

3 Important Things That You Should Know About Facebook Home!

Facebook is really an amazing way of gaining more friends, chat with friends, source of information as well as joy and fun through games. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the three things that PR together with marketing experts and professionals must know about. So, for a start what is a Facebook Home? Actually, this is a software that is basically designed to be used in your phone so that you have a permanent contact with your friends as well as family. Home is downloadable without the need for you to buy it since this is for free. It has main features like: Cover feed, notifications, chat heads, and lastly, the app launcher. These four features of Home are really amazing that it allows you to stay connected with someone you love anywhere in the world.

Facebook is present on your mobile phone all the time

So, basically what is Facebook Home? First of all, the Facebook is not a mobile phone nor a simple app that you can install on your mobile device. However, no need for you to worry about other apps since they are still visible on your phone once Facebook was installed successfully. The phone’s screen would become your Facebook’s news feed. This is also called as ‘cover screen’. Another one good thing about Home is the Chat Heads. Because of this, you can chat among your Facebook friends while using other apps like email, web, and more. Once you receive a message from a friend, the photo of your friends will appear on the screen.

Facebook's Android App Vacuumed Up Your Phone Number Without Permission

Facebook’s Android App Vacuumed Up Your Phone Number Without Permission

The organic brand posts appear via Home

Can you now imagine that the brand’s status update appears on cover screen with the someone who liked it or let us say, your page? You heard me right! Well, depending on the goals you have listed in mind, this might probably be the social media marketing’s holy grail. So for those who are working on social media as their strategy, Home is another great option. According to the Facebook spokesperson, organic posts coming from the brand pages will now be included in the Home’s news feed as soon as it launches.

Always on’ nature of Facebook’s ‘Home’ sparks privacy concerns

Always on’ nature of Facebook’s ‘Home’ sparks privacy concerns

The advertisements won’t appear on the Facebook Home just yet

Coming from the shareholders’ point of view, Home is big because of the fact that Facebook is a perfect place to sell advertisements, which is of course the basic way to make money. So, for now, ads will not be on cover screens yet, but on the near future. This is because Home designers are presently redesigning to produce high quality advertisement units that can be found in the news feeds.